Hypancistrus sp. L333
MINITEM " Plecodokan" is an earthenware pipe suitable for laying eggs
of small Plecostomus.
Plecodokan greatly helps small Plecostomus laying eggs which now serves
as rare species, and is regularly used by many pro shops and maniacs.
An original design suitable for laying eggs
The form of Plecodokan is designed so that small Plecostomus
may enter easily..
The ceramics of the material are also things suitable for laying eggs.
The size of Plecodokan is four kinds.
Please use according to the size of Plecostomus.
Moreover, if two or more Plecodokan(s) are installed, establishment
of laying eggs will go up.
Plecodokan Stype Dark Brown Inside diameter(Some those with an error)
Size Inside diamete Depth
 Plecodokan Stype 30mm 90mm
 Plecodokan Mtype 32mm  110mm
 Plecodokan Ltype 45mm 120mm
 Plecodokan LLtype 55mm 150mm
Plecodokan Stype Red
Plecodokan Mtype Dark Brown
Plecodokan Mtype Red The suiting living body
Size Fish species
Stype  Imperial Zebra Plecostomus
        (Small size&Bleeding)
 Small Plecostomus
Mtype  Imperial Zebra Plecostomus
        (Medium size&Wilde)
 Small Plecostomus
Ltype  Hypancistrus sp. L333(Medium size)
Peckoltia sp. L134(Medium size)
LLtype  Hypancistrus sp. L333(Large size)
Peckoltia sp. L134(Large size)
Plecodokan Ltype Dark Brown
Plecodokan Ltype Red
Plecodokan LLtype Dark Brown
Plecodokan LLtype Red
LLtype Dark Brown Ltype Dark Brown Mtype Dark Brown Stype Dark Brown


LLtype Red Ltype Red Mtype Red Stype Red
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