Red bee shrimp & Hazedokan Mtype Charcoal Gray
MINITEM"Ebidokan" and a "Hazedokan" are small earthenware
pipes made with ceramics.
This product becomes a hiding place of a small aquatic life.
○It is in detail here.
Ebidokan Mtype Dark Brown
Red bee shrimp & Ebidokan Mtype Dark Brown
Ebidokan Mtype Light Brown
Hazedokan Mtype Red
Yellownose shrimp goby & Hazedokan Mtype Red
Hazedokan Mtype Charcoal Gray
Red spotted blenny & Hazedokan Mtype Red
A "Ebidokan" and a "Hazedokan" are form and a size only by
the difference in a color or textures.
It is almost the same. Please use according to liking.
○It is in detail here.
Even if it uses MINITEM"Ebidokan" and a "Hazedokan"
independently,they show the presence as a small genuine article.
And if two or more earthenware pipes are used, a wonderful
spectacle will appear.
○The example of use ⇒It is in detail here.
The example which uses six Ebidokan.


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