The textures of a product are realistic.
MINITEM"Ebidokan" and a "Hazedokan" are made from special
ceramic materials and equipped with the peculiar texture.
Size@Length 60mm@Diameter 20mm|28mm@ Inside diameter 14mm Hazedokan Mtype Red
iSize has a 1`2mm error.j
Handmade products
MINITEM"Ebidokan" and a "Hazedokan" are a craftsman's handmade products.
Therefore, a color and textures have some variations.
There is a taste just a little bit different from a mass-production article.
Ebidokan is made carefully. The gypsum mold which makes Ebidokan.
A small tank is also suited
MINITEM"Ebidokan" and a "Hazedokan" also suits a small tank. Tank size 30cm
The example using four Ebidokan Mtype Dark Brown Hazedokan Mtype Red four, Ebidokan Mtype Red two
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