This product is no longer manufactured.
●Blue-spotted jawfish
Ensekidokan is a high-quality clay pipe, which is manufactured in
thefar-infrared ceramic material of high purity.
Ensekidokan can be used in the water tank of fresh water and s
ea water,it will be the lair of small fish and shrimp.
Blackish simple design fits in any aquarium.
●Ensekidokan Mtype
【An example of a fit biological】
○ Hideout of shrimp
○ Growth of Imperial Zebra Sucker Catfish
○ Spawning of apistogramma
○ Dwelling house of Goby and Brenny and Jawfish
【Example of use】
Ensekidokan Mtype will can also be used alone, but you can also use a combination of a plurality.
【The size of the Ensekidokan Mtype】
28mm(Outer diameter)×20mm(Inner diameter)×85mm(ength) (There are some errors.)
【Aquarium photo】 (Click for larger image will see.)

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